Thursday, February 3, 2011


in thinking about the ideas of home on both a personal level and in relation to the book, I find many similarities. I feel the obvious tension between the two. On on hand the characters are trying to find out their own idea of home and where they come from, and on the other they feel like they have found it.

We saw it first with Okonkwo and trying to keep his homeland close to him, and now in Bombay many of the characters experiencing that same struggle. It is also an internal battle of where we all come from, and where we consider home. The problem Okonkwo had was conforming to the new idea that his homeland was changing. The characters in Bombay have similar problems, but there is a social status attached to their idea of home and creating homes (marriage). This is a contrasting idea that personally we have all gone through.

It is interesting that I can relate to the characters on a level of intimacy because I feel insecure when I go home and then go back to school. It is a little unnerving to go back into my room here after being home for so long, and vis versa. The uncertainity is seebable in both of the stories that we have read. This intimacy makes the characters very relatable and easier for me to understand. This is because i feel that everyone has their own personal definition of home, and when that definition is changed or twisted we take it very personally whether you live in our time or in a village like the characters we have read about. All of us long to have that security of home no matter where we are and what century we live in.

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