Thursday, February 10, 2011


There is definite split for everyone when they think of home, because odds are at one point, everyone will leave their home. It is almost inevitable. This can happen at any time, but it Will happen.

In thinking about the reading we did and about the poem, both have a splitness when it comes to leaving their home. The mother in the poem does not want her daughter to leave and is torn/split with letting her grow up and keeping her close. The author of the essay tells about being both British and Indian decent. The irony being that there is a order for his death. He has a more definite split of the cultures. So where doe she call home if his home country wants him dead?

When I think of homes and moving from one place o another, the easiest definition and comparison I can think of is going off to college, which can be an obvious image within the poem and in our situation. Many of my friends from high school all moved out and to different states. It sees more normal for our generation, I believe this is because of our independence. How veer, as we spoke about in class, there is also a need to be spoiled and taken care of by our parents. That in itself is a split within our generation.

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