Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I was actually very surprised at some people’s reactions to Liz’s decision to end her marriage and focus on her and calling her selfish for it. When I was reading, her being selfish didn’t cross my mind once. I saw a woman who was drowning in her current life and had the courage to break out of the social construct that has been dictating her life as far as the timeline of a woman and when she should settle down and become Suzie Homemaker. As said in class, had she decided to stay in the marriage, then I would have considered her to be selfish, because that’s a man who has a wife who doesn’t want to be his wife and a mother who might end up resenting her kids because she had them because her "biological clock was ticking". I have never been married or been in a serious enough relationship to know how it is to completely lose yourself in another person, however, if it comes down to me protecting my feelings/sanity or my partner’s, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to go with doing what’s the best thing for me!

One thing that I loved about the book was how the whole relationship between her and Felipe developed. I loved that she fell in love when she least expected it and it happened to be the most intense, all encompassing love that she had ever had. She had to go on this amazing spiritual journey where she discovered who she really was, and then she was able to give all she had to a relationship, both emotionally and sexually. Not to sound insensitive or anything, but I absolutely hate it when my friends/cousins and any other people around my age come to me and speak to me about how their current relationships are “sooooo unfulfilling” and “why can’t I find my soul mate now?!!??” followed by them throwing a tantrum like a three year old, folded arms and pouting included. This is where I try my hardest not to tell them that if they weren’t being so desperate and giving attention to every Tom, Dick and Harry that look in their direction, that maybe they would find a relationship that’s worth while. I’m definitely not saying that I completely know who I am or that I’m better than them, in no way, shape or form. However, I don’t believe in going out and looking for a partner/lover/boyfriend/husband. I believe that when its time for me to have someone, that person will show up. And maybe this a naïve/lazy way to live my (love) life, but it has allowed me to have FAR LESS broken hearts and sleepless nights than some of my closest friends. And I’m aware that I have to “experience some sort of heartbreak in my life to appreciate real love” and blah blah blah, as my roommates have informed me. However, I want to make sure that I have all my emotions and ambitions intact before I can even think of even sharing myself with anyone else (-->my mother would be BEAMING if she read this). After reading “Eat, Pray, Love”, I definitely think I’m sticking to my way of doing things.

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