Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jasmine/Most Surprising Thing

The most surprising thing that I learned was that there are many different kinds of homelands. In addition they can be thought of in many different ways as well. They are all different, and can be interpreted in a myriad amount of ways.

The fact that homelands make us who we are and how we relate to where we came from. I did not know that they had such an impact, but as all the characters that we have encountered. There is a sense of traveling from one's homeland, and then going to another place that I had no idea could exist.

In Jasmine, the main character has to travel in order to get from one place to another, but she also travels internally as well. By hearing the prophecy she is able to make an internal decision and travel a galaxy. She is, in a way going to a better place than she know sexists. I know that ev en changing her name, which was controversial at times in class helped this occur. She was able to also physically go to a new city and her experiences there also help to make her change (travel from one kind of person to another. This is also done when she even hears the prophecy because she makes a choice to Harv that not be her fate. She makes a choice to change herself internally, and as a result travels that way.

The way that she goes on the journey physically and emotionally helps to make her more are of people and her surroundings. This si also dangerous because she realizes that the world is not what it seems. She learns, and gains knowledge but it is through negative experiences, like her husband getting paralyzed. This knowledge was ata price because he thought that she was physically out of a situation, only to be put into another bad situation again, she she is in a sense back where she started originally with taking care of someone else and being subservient.

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