Thursday, March 24, 2011

Odd Imagery

In "Good Advice" there is an odd image that is used of home, or rather an odd story" The Wizard of Oz. I figured that out when I saw the titlr, but in reading the story it made no sense to me whatsoever.

I guess the magic is all the same, magic is magic. I'm a total Oz nut. I still have the VHS from when I was a kid and for Xmas my mom brought me the 70th anniversary edition. The image of the ruby alippers are, in the movie, something that aew qanted by evil, but they are also a symbol of home. I gind it interesting in the story we read that the main character wants nothing to do with this magical world she is in. She just seemed kinda of too lady-like for me at times.

However, she has something different than Dorothy. Dorothy spends the entire movie trying to get home, and this woman makes a choice to go back to her homeland. Personally, I think she makes a stupid decision. Then again Im not shocked; its a motif tha's been used a dozen times. The main character is at a cross roads and chooses the former when everyone thinls she's going to choose the later. Not an exhausted theme, but then again its also a short story so there is a limtde space to work with, as opposed to a 2 hour mvoe. The title though, shows what will happen through to the end of the book, and that is the most transparent title I've seen in a long time.

The other irony is that thorugh this magical experience, is tht it makes the main character miss her normal life even more. She chooses to go back to normalcy through seeing the abnormal; Dorothy had some kind of tension because she had grown fond of the friends that she made in Oz. The interesting breakdown of both characters is a really interesting comparison, given the title used. In additiont to the motifs of home.

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