Thursday, March 3, 2011


In thinking about the book, and how it mirrors our culture even though it is another country, I think its safe to say it has something we can all relate to. The main character is an outsider. I can't remember any friend that I have or haven't had that didn't feel that way at one point in time. I can remember when we were all in seventh grade and I got a phone call from her that her dad had hit her. To this day I'm not sure who else she told, but all I know is that I was the one she came to. she said to me years later that she felt everyone else had the perfect family. I really didn't know what to say, but after coming her I see what she meant. I guess i just never paid much attention.

I've never heard one kid here say that their home life's not perfect. Everyone has the ideal life, career path, and everything else. Granted I grew up in an environment that pretty much looks like Loyola, but everyone knew that we were all messed up because it was a small town and everyone knew everyone. I never brought up the subject with my friends back home because I was in their houses and knew their families.

When I think of the book there is a sense of sympathy for the min character because he is literally on the outside, but I think we all are at one point or another. I'm not sure if what was done to him, by the girl was nice or not but in thinking about the situation in seventh grade, its not like everyone hasn't felt on the outskirts of something at some point. there are just different situations that we all have, but we all feel it in one way or another. I'm not sure if its human nature or just life in general. Not that what he did to the girl was any better but how many people have had that happen at a party? Everyone I know at some point in high school or college. its just the way Wendt sets it up throughout the book that makes the two characters so intriguing.

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